African American School Newspapers Collection: Project Complete!

Amistad staff are pleased to announce the conclusion of a grant-funded project cataloging rare school newspapers and periodicals from the Depression-era South. Termed the African American School Newspapers Collection, the collection totals 160 titles from 121 African American elementary schools, high schools, community colleges, universities, and law and medical schools. The collection is especially valuable to those interested in life and education in the Jim Crow South, and it provides a useful resource to alumni groups and genealogists as well.

Due to the social conditions at the time of these materials’ publication, the collecting of African Americana was then widely de-emphasized. Additionally, resources for HBCU libraries were scant and archival components of HBCU libraries were then virtually nonexistent. These factors combined make the African American School Newspapers Collection an especially valuable American heritage resource. Of the 160 titles, 60% are not reflected in the OCLC national catalog, and it can be assumed that for many of these titles the only extant copies are in the Amistad Research Center’s collection.

To search the collection, go to the Tulane University Library catalog and search with the keywords “African American school newspapers collection.”

The Center would like to thank the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation for their generous support of this project.


Depicted above is a 1949 issue of The Washington News-Flash of Tulsa, Oklahoma, John Hope Franklin’s alma mater.

Posted by Andrew Salinas

(From the library collection of the Amistad Research Center. Image may not be reproduced without permission.)


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