Irene Dobbs’ European Travel Diary, vol. 6

From March 7th to May 8th, 1952, John Wesley Dobbs and his wife Irene traveled throughout Europe to visit with their daughter Mattiwilda.  It was the couple’s first trip to the continent.  Irene Dobbs’ travel diary records their experiences as they toured France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Holland, and England.

Wednesday, May 7, 1952

The Dobbses boarded the Queen Elizabeth to begin the journey back across the Atlantic.  Irene was happy to be eating on the ship once again as, “The food wasn’t so good in London.”

Click on the images to read Irene's entries.

Click on the images to read Irene’s entries.

Saturday and Sunday, May 10- 11, 1952

The days on the Queen Elizabeth passed with bouts of sea sickness, letter writing, extravagant meals, and movies.


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Posted by Kristin E. Wanek

(Images from the John Wesley Dobbs Family papers.  May not be reproduced without permission.)


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