Mystery Boxes?…Read e-Amistad Reports to Find the Answer

The mission of the Amistad Research Center centers on three related principles: Acquisition, Preservation, and Access. A recent acquisition of organizational records and a proposed project to make those records available to the public soon has staff members excited. But which organization’s records are pictured in the mystery boxes below?  To find out, sign up to receive Amistad’s electronic newsletter, e-Amistad Reports. The August issue will be released next week and will feature an article about this wonderful new collection.

What are in these boxes?

What are in these boxes?

In the meantime, here’s a contest for our social media readers. With hints provided below, the first person to email the correct name of the organization whose records are pictured here, will receive a gift package of notecards and postcards featuring works from Amistad’s celebrated fine arts collection. The cards make wonderful gifts or can be used to send a note to a long-lost friend. The deadline is Tuesday, August 21, at 5:00 pm CST and answers should be emailed to Amistad at “reference AT” with the subject line “Mystery Box Contest.” The winner will be announced in a future blog post and details on the mystery boxes will included in the upcoming newsletter.

Hint 1: The organization was established in New Orleans in 1863.

Hint 2: The organization was headed by members of the same family from 1902-1978.

Hint 3: The organization provided funding to support a number of civil rights organizations including the NAACP during the 1950s and 1960s.

Think you know the answer? Let us know!

Posted by Christopher Harter


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