Amistad Contributes to The Abolitionist Map of America

The Abolitionists, a three-part docudrama, premiers tonight on PBS as part of its American Experience series. Not only did the Amistad Research Center provide images of noted abolitionists for the series, but the Center was also invited to contribute to The Abolitionist Map of America, an online, interactive resource available through the PBS website and as a downloadable app for iPhones.

Amistad will continue to add new digital material to the map, which includes digitized letters, illustrations, and other documents along with descriptions. Viewers can search the map and click on documents “pinned” to the map to learn more. Our contributions chronicle not only the abolitionist movement in the United States, but reflect the international aspect of the movement through the inclusion of items discussing abolitionism in Canada, England, and Sierra Leone. Feel free to search the map or you can locate Amistad’s contributions directly here.

Check back as we add more content to the map, but in the meantime enjoy The Abolitionists, which airs January 8, 15, and 22.

Posted by Christopher Harter


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