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Scholars and aficionados of comics often rank George Herriman’s Krazy Kat as one of the most influential comic strips of all time. Produced by George Herriman, a New Orleans native and Creole of Color, the strip centered on the love triangle of the naive and carefree title character, Krazy Kat, a brick-throwing mouse named Ignatz Mouse, and the local police officer, Offisa Bull Pupp.Herriman’s strip ran from 1913 to 1944 and has been cited by numerous cartoonists and artists, from Charles Schulz to Bill Watterson to Jules Feiffer as an influence on their work.

Amistad recently added the first collected edition of the strip to its Comics and Graphic Novels Collection to accompany other reprints of the strip. Published in 1946 by Henry Holt & Co., the book focused on daily and Sunday strips from the 1930s and 1940s. In his introduction to the book, poet e.e. cummings described Krazy Kat as a “meteoric burlesk melodrama, born of the immemorial adage love will find a way” and summed up the strip this way: “Dog hates mouse and worships cat, mouse despises cat and hates dog, cat hates no one and loves mouse.” This not so simple formula has interested readers for decades and Amistad’s growing collection of Krazy Kat reprints and compilations will help generations of fans to come continue to enjoy this American classic.

Front cover of the 1946 collected edition of Krazy Kat.

Front cover of the 1946 collected edition of Krazy Kat.

Posted by Christopher Harter

Image from the Amistad Research Center. May not be reproduced without permission.


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