Amistad Collections Just Got Older!

Initial page of Arrest du Conseil d'Estat du Roy...26 Mars 1722.

Initial page of Arrest du
Conseil d’Estat du Roy…26 Mars 1722.

Thanks to a generous donation, the Amistad Research Center’s collections just got a little older. The Center recently received a copy of a 1722 act concerning the taxation of slaves in French colonies. The four-page document, which represents the oldest dated item in Amistad’s holdings, was donated by genealogist, author, and publisher Winston De Ville. Mr. De Ville made the donation in memory of Amistad’s founding director, Dr. Clifton H. Johnson.

Dr. Johnson and Mr. De Ville worked together in the mid 1970s as officers in Friends of the Archives of Louisiana, the ad litem organization that spurred the state of Louisiana to construct the State Archives Building in Baton Rouge. “Cliff — his ability and enthusiasm — was exactly what we needed to bring Louisiana into the modern archival universe,” De Ville remembers.

Amistad is pleased to not only accept this latest addition to our collections, but to acknowledge the longstanding friendship that led to its donation. Dr. Johnson, who passed away in 2008, would certainly be proud to add this document to Amistad’s already outstanding collections.

Posted by Christopher Harter

(Image from the Amistad Research Center. May not be reproduced without permission.)


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