Amistad Zine Collection Featured in New Zine

The latest addition to Amistad’s Zine Collection is a title that actually includes information about Amistad’s own collection. Richard J. Lee’s recent zine, Let’s Get Seriously Radical About Cataloging: A Minizine about Zine Librarianship, provides a wonderful roadmap to zine collections around the United States. Joining Amistad’s focus on POC (People of Color) zines, are four other collections: the Mimi Thi Nguyen Zine Collection at New York University, the Zine Collection at Texas A&M University, the Asian American Zine Archive at UC-Davis, and the Zine Collection at the Chicano Research Studies Center at UCLA.

Richard’s zine provides information not only POC zine collections, but those related to a variety of topics, such as feminism, Riot Grrrrrl, gender and sexuality, sci-fi, poetry, and others. Thanks to Richard for including Amistad in his listing.

Posted by Christopher Harter

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