“Inside New Orleans” Offers a Small Glance into the City’s History

Amistad is in the process of cataloging its periodicals. As someone who is involved with pulling and organizing the papers for Laura Chilton, our cataloger, I am amazed at the little gems I discover while doing it. It gives me an opportunity to acquaint myself with Amistad’s holdings so I can better inform members of the Center’s community on what we have to offer. Amistad has a wonderful array of newspapers that highlight American minority run presses and international periodicals of countries in the African Diaspora. Among these are the Indian Trader, which details Native American communities and achievements across the country, Asian Weekly, which largely covers the Asian American community in San Francisco, and Inside New Orleans, a local New Orleans paper that has become my personal favorite.

Inside New Orleans covers the destruction of Hurricane Betsy in 1965.

Inside New Orleans covers the destruction of Hurricane Betsy in 1965.

Inside New Orleans is a content rich source regarding the social, educational, economic and political events in New Orleans. However, the paper does not fall short by only reporting all things New Orleans; it also recounts events that occurred throughout Louisiana’s African-American communities. The years we hold cover the period of 1965-1966 and the paper covers some of the most iconic civil rights moments in American and Louisiana history during this period. Some of the components included in the paper are an “Editorial” that offers a social critique on a particular topic; the “World Wide News” which gives tidbits of news on events occurring in the nation and the world; “Inside Society” targets New Orleans social affairs and “Scotty’s Whirl,” the column of a journalist named C. Scott, imparts the musical happenings within the city.

insideno0002One part of newspapers that I usually can’t ignore from this time period is the advertisements. They offer insight into products and services that have drastically changed or just aren’t available anymore. These advertisements also demonstrate African-American entrepreneurship and showcase businesses that operated within or served African-American communities in New Orleans and its outlying areas. Inside New Orleans is a great newspaper for researchers interested in the African-American press and how civil rights news events were covered at the time they occurred.

Post by Chianta Dorsey

Images from Inside New Orleans. Not to be reproduced without permission.


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